The cold, harsh truth is that your car audio is nowhere near as good as you think it is. 

I’m not saying this to be judgmental, though. It’s a well-known fact that, no matter how good your car is, the sound system is the one thing that’s almost universally neglected by the manufacturers. 

The good news here is that, when it comes to factory audio systems, even the smallest of upgrades can result in overall performance improvements – even marginal ones. Better yet, there’s no right or wrong way of going about your car audio: 

Yes, the number of options on the market can be flat-out paralyzing. But, as long as you stick to some basics rules for accessing the speaker’s performance – power ratings, sensitivity, driver size, and frequency response range, to name a few – you should have something picked out in no time. 

Like I said – there’s pretty much nowhere to go but up when it comes to factory car audio. 

So, where do you begin with these car audio upgrades? 

Well, for starters, sit in your car – windows up, doors closed – put on your go-to playlist and turn up the volume. Now, listen to the music carefully and take note of what’s missing. 

It doesn’t take an audiophile to figure this one out – lack of clarity, too much distortion at higher volumes, and empty and hollow bass are the most common complaints regarding car audio. 

These can all be fixed with a few simple upgrades, though, one of which should undoubtedly be a dedicated subwoofer for your car’s factory sound system!

We’ve taken the time to browse the market, test out models of all sizes and price ranges, and round them all up in one place – here! 

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