FRONT ROW PBAR 7500 - Space-Saving 6-Element Powered Soundbar

  • High Performance, SERIOUS Solution for Today's Acoustically Challenged TVs
  • "Plug-N-Play" in 8 Minutes of Less!
  • Includes all accessories: Remote Control, Cables, and Table / Wall Mounting Options

The FRONT ROW PBAR 7500 is a self-powered, space-saving SOUNDBAR, with the front left and right channel speakers housed within one enclosure. The result is one discrete and aesthetically pleasing space-saving speaker system. Powered by our own high output digital switching amplifiers this high performance system satisfies your front speaker requirements; it's the perfect visual and acoustic complement to today's acoustically challenged TVs!  "PLUG-N-PLAY" easy connectivity to your TV; only one connection to your TV & one to power, setup in 8 minutes or less!  No Home Theater Receiver / Amplifier required!

This slim-line Soundbar comes with a user-friendly bracket mount to enable horizontal flush wall mounting. Threaded inserts also allow for tilt-able bracket mounting with Omni-mount or other aftermarket brackets.

Included In The Box:

  • Multi-Function Remote Control, plus Remote Learning Function enabling working with your TV's remote
  • "PLUG-N-PLAY" easy hook-up accessories and instructions
  • 1 Meter Optical Connection Cable for SOUNDBAR connection to TV
  • Gold Plated RCA Cable for alternate method of connecting SOUNDBAR to TV
  • Gold Plated Mini-jack Cable for connecting SOUNDBAR to TV's headphone jack
  • SOUNDBAR wall bracket for easy horizontal flush wall mounting
  • Pedestal stand for shelf or table top placement

Special Sonic Features:

  • Space-saving 6-element POWERED SOUNDBAR design
  • TheaterWideTM driver layout creates expanded soundstage
  • Special Class D digital switching amplifiers with anti-clipping circuit for high level undistorted output
  • External subwoofer output jack to create a 2.1 system
  • Built-in Pinnacle Power ProtectionTM circuitry prevents overload
  • Butyl rubber surrounds provide excellent cone control and exceptional durability
  • Internally braced to eliminate resonance
  • Video shielded to allow placement near TV without interference

Special Convenience Features:

  • Easily connects to your TV's Digital, RCA or Headphone jacks
  • PCM Compatible Optical & Coax Digital Inputs for quick, easy connection to your TV
  • Line Level Inputs
  • Multi-Function Remote control
  • Perfect for Flat Screen TVs 37" & larger
  • "PLUG-N-PLAY" easy connectivity to your TV; only one connection to your TV & one to power, setup in 8 minutes or less!
  • Remote Learning enables controlling Soundbar volume using your TV remote
  • On-wall mounting made easy with included Slide-FitTM flush wall mount bracket
  • 1/4-20 Threaded Inserts Allow for Pivot Bracket Mounting
  • 120-240V Compatible
  • 3 Year Transferable Warranty

Special Design & Cosmetic Features:

  • Slim line design at only 4" high
  • Elegantly curved cabinet construction
  • Durable and attractive water and scratch resistant Black On BlackTMwoodgrain finish
  • Auto On/Off circuit with LED indicator
  • Designed in the USA

System Type: Powered Soundbar with (2) internal chambers each housing a 3-element, 2-Way, 2nd Order Acoustic Suspension speaker. (6 Drivers, 2 channels, all in one cabinet)

Component Drivers:

  • (2) 1" Liquid Cooled Silk Dome Tweeters
  • (4) 3" Polypropylene Cone Woofers With Butyl Surrounds

Dimensions: 38" Wide x 4 3/8" High x 4" Deep (including grille and mounting bracket)

Finish: Curved Sidewall Construction with Premium Black Woodgrain Vinyl

Weight: 12 lbs. each

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