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Entertainment, in general, has come a long way ever since the introduction of Bluetooth technology. Gone are the days when speakers needed loads of wires connected from an audio system to function. 

Considering its extensive application; from car audio systems, home audio systems, and outdoor speakers to Bluetooth speakers you can use in the shower, we can conclude that Bluetooth is the new normal!

Even though the speakers have been in the market for a while now, most people still don’t understand the technology behind these relevant entertainment devices. So, just how does a Bluetooth speaker work?

What is Bluetooth?

For you to understand how wireless Bluetooth speakers work, you must start by understanding how we use a phone to talk to each other. Cell phones make use of radio waves to communicate to cell towers, which can be located as far as a couple of miles away.

Bluetooth technology, on the other hand, uses considerably weaker radio waves. This means that the range will not exceed 10 meters. As such a Bluetooth speaker should be placed a few feet from the audio streaming source for it to work.

While the most advanced devices (mostly for industrial use) will give a range of about 100 meters, you will rarely find the same range in consumer appliances.

Essentially, Bluetooth speakers are a kind of speaker that improves the convenience of listening to music or watching movies. Unlike traditional speakers, they eliminate the need to connect a cable or wires from the audio source.

This allows you to remotely use speakers on stereo systems, tablets, iPods, and even a smartphone without having to connect any wires to a specified jack port. You also get to move around with the speaker without having to carry the entertainment source.

​How Bluetooth Speakers Work

There is normally a level of confusion when it comes to Bluetooth vs WiFi speakers. The thing is both are a type of wireless speakers that don’t require wires to be connected to the sound system.

However, you need to know that the two function quite differently.

Bluetooth speakers use the same technology and protocol found in phones and car speaker systems. Sound is transmitted wirelessly from the source through airwaves to the receiver, in this case, the earpiece.

This is unlike WiFi speakers that require a bridge between the speaker and the audio source.

Synchronizing Bluetooth devices together is quite easy! The connection between them is established automatically as soon as you activate the devices when they are within range.

The communication occurs over a piconet- short-range network and can include multiple Bluetooth devices.

Once you have your Bluetooth speaker and the relevant audio source within a single piconet, the two connect automatically and are able to communicate. One will act as a control center while the other acts as a discoverable device.

This is the same way your Bluetooth keyboard automatically connects to your mouse as soon as you start your PC and you can also change the settings and properties.

We can conclude that Bluetooth is, in essence, not only a communication technology. The same way other wireless technologies work, Bluetooth also offers data transfer capabilities. This is why your portable speaker is able to play the audio from your stereo system.

What are the Benefits of Using Bluetooth Speakers?

A Bluetooth speaker offers you various benefits; one being that you don’t need any tech skills to operate or set up. You simply switch on the Bluetooth speaker and once your audio system discovers the speaker, the two devices automatically sync with each other and the music is played.

Generally, these wireless speakers are more compact compared to other types of speakers but produce a high-quality and clear sound, which makes them the perfect appliance to have at home.

Their compact design also makes them quite portable and you won't believe how handy a blackweb speaker comes in when you want to move around while listening to your favorite playlist.

Furthermore, the absence of connecting wires ensures there is minimal clutter in the home or studio.

The Bluetooth speakers are highly versatile and compatible with a range of entertainment devices, including tablets, laptops, smartwatches, smartphones, just to mention a few.

Finally, the limited range of these speakers can also be an advantage in that it prevents the transmission of large amounts of data over large distances and areas, which may interfere with the operation of other connected devices or networks.

The Downside of Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are great when it comes to affordability and convenience. However, they have a security concern that you should always watch out for. Hackers can easily intercept the signal from your phone and hack into it using software. 

Connecting to an unsecured connection makes your phone vulnerable to hackers who may access photos, videos, texts, and whichever information you have on your phone and mess up the whole experience.

It is always wise to take the relevant precautions, in a world where multiple devices are continually getting wirelessly connected and hackers lurking in the background. 

Another limitation is that your speaker will only be able to function over a short distance. It needs to be a few feet away from the audio source for the two devices to sync and communicate. 

​Selecting the Right Bluetooth Speaker

The rapid growth in audio streaming technology and the explosion of online music-streaming services are making Bluetooth speakers one of the hottest properties in the Bluetooth devices market.

With this comes an increased rivalry between brands that has led to all size and manner of Bluetooth speakers.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the immense number of options available to you. You simply need to visit your neighborhood store or go online to find the best Bluetooth speakers for less than 100 bucks.

However, these speakers are built differently and not all will offer you the sound listening pleasure you are looking for. 

If you are trying to get the best deal, you should always pay close attention to the brand reputation, product reviews, dealer experience, as well as your personal preferences.

No need to panic if you are wondering how to buy on a tight budget too, you can find the best Bluetooth speakers under $50 that will still offer you the quality you deserve.


Bluetooth devices such as car audio speakers and home speaker systems are getting more and more popular thanks to their convenience and overall benefits that they provide.


That’s why it not surprising that you’ll find at least one Bluetooth device in the average home that you visit today.

Understanding the principles behind the functioning of Bluetooth technology , knowing the overall advantages of using these speakers, and choosing the appropriate product is essential if you want to improve the experience of listening to music in your home.  

It is advisable to search for the appropriate models in the market by comparing competing brands and liaising with trustworthy dealers to have a fulfilling experience. In addition to the satisfaction, you won’t have to keep on asking questions such as “what is a Bluetooth speaker?”. 


How Can I connect to a Bluetooth speaker?

Before you can pair any audio devices to your wireless speaker, you must first ensure that the speaker is in pairing mode for it to be discovered by the phones or tablets you are using for the initial setup.

Although each speaker enters into pairing mode using a different method, these two tips should allow you to get your Bluetooth speaker to work quickly:

Hold Down Power

Most Bluetooth speakers will get into pairing mode when you turn off the speaker then power it back on while holding your finger down on the power button. The speaker will then notify you that it is in pairing mode by either producing a sound or rapidly flashing its light indicator. 

Hold Down Pairing Button

In some cases, the Bluetooth speakers have a dedicated button that will place the speaker into pairing mode. Try to locate the button on the speaker (usually with the Bluetooth icon next to it) and press on it until you hear the sound notification or see the light indicator.

With the Bluetooth speaker now discoverable, enable Bluetooth on your cellphone to pair the two devices and turn up the volume to start enjoying your favorite playlist. However, if the methods above don’t apply to the speaker you are using, check the manufacturer’s user manual for proper guidance.

Do you need an Internet connection to use Bluetooth?

No! Bluetooth does not require the internet to transmit data. The same way a Bluetooth speaker won’t need to be connected to the internet to play music coming from a paired audio source. 

This is because Bluetooth devices communicate with one another regardless of an internet connection.  

For instance, when you are using a Bluetooth keyboard, the keystrokes don't get transmitted to the internet and back to your computer.

On the contrary, the transmission goes directly from the keyboard to the tablet or computer. 

In short, your Bluetooth speaker will function perfectly without connecting to WiFi connection. In fact, Bluetooth is already a wireless transmission technology so the internet doesn’t enable or improve its functionality. 

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