JL Audio Shallow Mount Subwoofers - 8, 10 And 12-Inch Subs Reviewed

Do you want to upgrade your car speakers and get that bass-booming effect that takes over your vehicle, but don’t know where to begin?

The answer is: right here & now!

Most car speakers do not reproduce bass well. And it’s needless to say that high-quality bass brings the whole listening experience to another level. Even if you’re not a rich bass junkie, you might want to consider upgrading this fraction of your car audio equipment.

It seems that powerful bass always requires large speakers. So, how do you implement it in a limited space on your car doors?

With shallow mount subwoofers that easily and snugly fit wherever you need them to.

When you crank up your speakers with one of the JL Audio shallow mount subwoofers, your ears will be graced.

But, in the sea of different models, which ones to get? No worries; here are JL Audio shallow mount subwoofers (8, 10 and 12-inch) subs reviewed for your convenience!

Last Updated: October 1, 2020

By Barry Allen: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding JL Audio Shallow Mount Subwoofers currently available on the market. The best 5 available have changed, and information has been added to assist individuals in finding the suitable JL Audio Shallow Mount Subwoofers. The FAQ has also been updated.

JL Audio Legacy

JL Audio came into existence in 1975. Today, it is one of the world’s most reputable audio vendors, side-by-side with Rockford Fosgate, Kicker, Pioneer, and others.

When you take a look at their assortment, it’s clear that they follow a simple philosophy: create superb products that contribute to a premium listening experience. Hence, their products are oftentimes a part of my top lists, and I believe that it won’t change any time sooner.

The JL Audio shallow mount subwoofers have multiple benefits for your car audio system:

  • Bolster the bass. As noted, this is the main purpose of subs - the bass undertone will be much deeper and pronounced when you install a sub.
  • Protect your speakers. Now, the importance of this factor is oftentimes overlooked. Your vehicle’s factory speakers can crack if you continue to push them at high vibrations and lower frequencies for a long time. Therefore, the subwoofers protect your OEM speakers from damage.
  • Fine-tune the sound. Controlling low frequencies does not only mean more powerful bass. It also means that subs channel those notes appropriately, which results in a much cleaner, crisp sound.

Current JL Audio Shallow Mount Subwoofers
 – Comparison Table 

There’s no subwoofer formula that will tell you what size of the sub is perfect for you. But it’s easy to determine which one will work better. Just keep reading!

First, take a look at my top three picks or JL Audio shallow mount subwoofers: