MB 10000

700 Watt Audiophile 5.1
Speaker System

The MB 10000 Microburst Home Theater System from Pinnacle Speakers gives you a complete movie theater experience, right in your living room. It delivers explosive performance, accuracy and detail from small footprint formats. This superlative design delivers depth and multi-dimensional realism to your Home Theater experience. With the use of specially reinforced cabinetry, the MB 10000 system suppresses internal vibrations to ensure distortion free sound at all listening levels. Moreover, this system gives you spectacular performance for all your music and Home Theater requirements. The MB 10000 is comprised of (1) 9-Element Speaker Bar, (2) 3-inch 2-way Satellite Speakers and (1) 350W Dual 6.5-inch Powered Subwoofer. So just relax and immerse yourself in your favorite movies or music at home.  All speakers include hardware for easy wall-mount installation.

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The MB 10000 System is comprised of:

(1) 9 Element Speaker Bar (Front & Center Channels)

(2) 3" 2-way Satellites (Surround Channels)

(1) 350W Dual 6.5" Bipole Powered Subwoofer

User Reviews

I really love the Microburst system. It looks and sounds fantastic. - Alec Miller

I am extremely impressed with the quality of these speakers. They are by far the best speakers I have ever owned. I will buy Pinnacle again! - Jeremy Vaughan

I really love the acoustics of this compact system. - Jason Qiu

Love the system... - Phil Walmsley

Wonderful speakers!! - Simone

Love it... Perfect for music and movies. - Ed

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