S-FIT SYS 6000

S-FIT SYS 6000
500 Watt 5.1 Audiophile Speaker System

Once again Pinnacle has set the benchmark for value and performance with the Sonic FitTM Collection.   Beautiful, contemporary cabinetry combined with premium components and sophisticated crossover circuitry make for an outstanding combination of performance, value and aesthetics.

The Sonic FitTM Collection is ideal for existing construction, Retro-fit and MDU (multi-dwelling unit) markets.  These superb “in-cabinet” speakers are designed to be positioned discretely within any listening environment.

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The S-FIT SYS 6000+ System is comprised of:

(2) 3" 2-way Satellites (Front Channels)

(1) 3 Element, 3" 2-way (Center Channel)

(2) 3" 2-way Satellites (Surround Channels)

(1) 125W 10" Front Firing Powered Subwoofer

User Reviews

Bought this system.. and what a surprise. Fantastic sound and quality. I'm hooked on Pinnacle. - Claude LeBlanc

Hands down the best system out there for the money...details and clarity came through better than speakers costing 5 times the price.  I am so glad Pinnacle produces both high quality and value products. 

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