The Big Woofer Sound in the Small Woofer Box SM

Sit back, relax and enjoy the deep authoritative and convincing bass from our incredibly tiny SubSonic subwoofer.  Pinnacle's engineering marvel is a diminutive 7 7/8" cube, basically the same size as a 8 inch car subwoofer, that shatters the previous performance boundaries of microsized boxes. Now you no longer need to compromise by choosing between superb bass or a visually discreet, unobtrusive product. 

Most potent subwoofers are housed in physically large boxes that encroach on your living space. Not so with the SubSonic! We achieve spectacular results with our proprietary subcompact amplifier design mated to a bipole pair of specially customized 6 1/2" woofers.  The impressive 350 Watt output produces astonishing bass levels, deep, clean and penetrating down to 28 Hz (-3dB) with a maximum output of 107.5 dB SPL. Amazing results from such a tiny subwoofer!

The SubSonic makes its presence known and felt even if discreet placement makes it hard to spot in your living room, making it one of the best home theater subs under $500.

Our subwoofers deliver awesome, room-filling, deep, accurate bass from incredibly tiny cubes. These Sub $200 Compact Powered Subwoofers employ high powered amplifiers and driving dual active woofers arranged in a bipole configuration.

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SubSonic sounds plenty deep, pumping out an incredibly big sound for such a tiny box ”
“Its response was articulate and quite nimble, a very musical sub.

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  • Anti-Clipping Circuit For High Level Undistorted Bass!
  • High Quality, High Power Class A/B Amplifier
  • Butyl Rubber Surround Provides Excellent Cone Control and Exceptional Durability
  • Auto On/Off circuit with LED indicator
  • Bipole Configuration for Maximum Bass in Minimum Space!
  • Includes 10' High Quality Gold Plated Interconnect Cable
  • Line Level Inputs
  • Phase & Crossover Bypass Switches
  • Satellite Speaker Crossover: First Order @ 80 Hz
  • Solid Brass Isolation Cones
  • Speaker Level Inputs & Outputs
  • Stylish Rounded Edge Cabinet Design
  • Variable Crossover 50-150 Hz
  • Volume Control
  • Designed in the USA
  • 2 Year Transferable Limited Warranty On Amplifier
  • 7 Year Transferable Limited Warranty On parts & labor for the rest of the subwoofer

System Type: Ultra Compact, Bipole, Acoustic Suspension

Component Drivers:
Dual 6.5" heavyweight fibercone woofers with rubber surrounds, 2" voice coils and 30 ounce magnets

Subwoofer Low End Frequency Response:
28 Hz (- 3 dB)

Maximum SPL:
107.5 dB

Variable Subwoofer Low Pass Filter:
50 - 150 Hz

Optional Satellite Speaker Crossover:
First Order @ 80 Hz

System Power:
350 Watts

9 1/4" Wide x 8" High x 9 3/8" Deep (with Amp & Grilles)

Cabinet Construction:
3/4" MDF (medium-density fiberboard)

Premium Black Woodgrain Vinyl

25 lbs. each


User Reviews

I have a Pinnacle Subsonic in my Home Theater system. Outstanding quality and performance, thank you. - Jeff Freedman

I am a proud owner of this little but potent and very musical subwoofer. - Arni Sveinsson

...the best bass response i have ever heard... i highly recommend these subs...just incredible. - James

I am impressed! - Robert

This subwoofer sounds amazing! - Victor Antoniak

Perfect combination of sound and small size. - Jeffrey H. 

Great product. Amazing room filling sound for size. - Daniel H.

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