Subwoofer Placement for Best Sound – Getting the Most out of Your Surround System

Having a sound system is always a great idea, and getting a subwoofer takes it to a whole other level. The issue is, once you finally purchase the subwoofer - where are you supposed to put it?

Many people will argue that placing your subwoofer is simple - you just put it wherever you want and that’s it. However, that’s not the ideal placement - as it depends on the room’s shape and size. 

Also, other objects and furniture can affect the placement of your subwoofer, along with how many speakers you plan to use it with. To make it all easier on you, we’re now going to talk about subwoofer placement for best sound - all you have to do is keep scrolling!

Subwoofer Placement

Things to Consider about Subwoofer Placement for Best Sound

Well, there are several things you will need to take into account to make the most out of your sound system. Now, we’re going to dive into detail to help you find ideal placement for your subwoofer!

Mind the Cords

Subwoofer Cords

Cords are unsightly, and nobody wants them lying around where people can trip over them and damage your expensive equipment. The same goes for your subwoofer, and it needs to stay connected to your speakers - without losing on the aesthetics of the room.

Another reason why you should place the subwoofer in a place where you can hide the cords is that cords are often chewed on by pets. You certainly don’t want your subwoofer or receiver to become damaged because of the lack of planning - so find a good spot where you can hide the cords.

If you simply cannot find a place to hide the cords, but you haven’t bought your subwoofer yet - consider buying a cordless subwoofer to pair with some Bluetooth speakers.

The Corners

Subwoofer in corner

Out of all the places where you can put the subwoofer, corners usually work the best. Placing the subwoofer in the corner can increase the output, and it can sound much louder compared to any other spot in the same room.

So, we advise you to try it out first and see how it sounds. Keep in mind that corners might not work or rather large rooms, as the corner can be rather far away from your sitting area, so it might not make a difference in loudness, on the contrary. 

Keep in mind that if you put your sub close to a flat wall, it can affect the sound in a negative way - the music can sound unpleasant and harsh, which is certainly not the point you want to make. 

Front of the Room

Home system subwoofer

Placing your subwoofer in the front part of the room is not the worst idea in the world. Many sound systems have no other place to go other than the front, and putting your subwoofer in the same spot with everything can be ideal.

However, keep in mind that you should abide by the “rule of thirds” when it comes to subs. As we have mentioned, placing the sub too close to the wall can make music sound harsh, so you should put it a third of the way into the room, away from the wall.

This way, you will reduce nulls or standing waves. By following the “rule of thirds”, your listening area will likely become the ideal spot for bass tunes.

In the Wall

In-wall subwoofer

This may sound like we made it up - but putting the sub into the wall is becoming more and more popular over time. Now, there are so many options for an in-wall subwoofer, as they are easiest to place - if you have a hole in the wall or are willing to make one.

Keep in mind that in-wall subs need to be installed by professionals, as they require specialized boxes which hold the subwoofer and isolate the sound from the rest of the room. If you are willing to do the work, it can be the ideal placement without a doubt. 

The issue with in-wall placement is that it can be rather expensive. These subs require plenty of work, external amplification and even crossovers to work properly, but they do produce a beautiful sound. 

Two Subs Are Better than One

Subwoofer front of room

After careful consideration and trying out different spots that hide the cords and amplify the sound - you should consider getting a second sub. A set of subwoofers can make a real difference compared to having only one sub.

Indeed, you cannot always get away with multiple subs in your sound system, especially in specific neighborhoods. However, you should get another sub right now - there are even great budget subwoofers available on the market right now.

The bass response with two subs is spectacular and will eliminate null spaces. Keep in mind that it won’t fix the effect of standing waves, but it will make every song sound much better. It takes tweaking and moving both subs across the room, but once you find their sweet spot - it’s time to turn up the speakers.

Final Thoughts

Subwoofer placement for the best sound isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it can be done. Try the common spots we have listed, and see what makes that bass pop.

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