Nowadays, anyone with a smartphone can have a rich sound experience anywhere on the go, bringing a portable Bluetooth speaker along.

These handy devices have revolutionized the market in the term of portability & utility, bringing the possibility to take your music with you and enjoy more.

A portable Bluetooth speaker is usually waterproof, has a decent battery which can last for up to 10 hours of seamless playback on the go. Their prices can range wildly, all based on the brand, features, and overall quality.

When choosing your wireless speaker, the areas you should focus on are:

  • power output and loudness - you want your portable speaker to have enough power
  • connectivity/compatibility - your ideal portable speaker should be able to connect quickly, never lose connection, and stream the music flawlessly
  • design and features - besides the overall appeal, you want your portable speaker to have the latest proves of a modern gizmo

We have dissected the various popular models in the market for you and compared them in multiple scenarios to bring you the finest (unbiased) buying guides on the web.

Join us on the road of finding the best outdoor speaker and discover the models that will fit your requirements the best, be it in the price range, quality, output power or advanced features like. 

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