Taking Music for an Outdoor Ride -Best Bike Bluetooth Speaker

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Taking Music for an Outdoor Ride -Best Bike Bluetooth Speaker

There is something inherently awesome and gratifying about bikes.

Seriously, try to imagine any other means of transport that is as affordable, agile, and beneficial. When you are in the seat, you are the force that pushes the bike forward, and every mile you pass only makes you stronger and more enduring.

Speeding down some mountain truck while your adrenaline is turned to eleven is one of the best feelings in the world and leaves very few things to be desired.

Well, except for some great music to keep you pumped while you are there.

That brings us to the topic of bike Bluetooth speakers - a growing niche of audio equipment that tries to give you all the audio enjoyment even when you are on the go.

Of course, not all of these speakers are made the same, and the market is stacked with products that are neither worth attention nor your hard-earned money.

So, what is the best bike Bluetooth speaker that deserves to be mounted on your ride? Let's find out.

In a hurry? The test winner after 32 hours of research:

Celtic Blu

Why they are the best?

  • Excellent build quality and design
  • Great wireless connection and range
  • A powerful battery (30 hours of uninterrupted music)
  • A plethora of connectivity options
  • Excellent audio quality
  • 360 degrees surround sound
  • TF card support
  • Built-in power bank
  • Built-in FM radio
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Last Updated: December 1, 2021

By Barry Allen: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding best headphones for classical music available for those who are interested in enjoying the classic  the best possible way. The best 6 available have changed, and information has been added to assist individuals in finding the best bicycle bluetooth speakers currently available on the market. The FAQ has also been updated.

Top 6 Best Bicycle Bluetooth Speakers - The Comparison Table


Bluetooth Version


SIze of the Speaker



Our Rating

Current Price

Celtic Blu Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker

Polk Audio S35


100 ft

7.1 x 2.7 x 2.7 inches

6000 mAh

(30 hours)



Clearon Portable Bluetooth 4.0

Audio Technica ATH MSR7GM


100 ft

4.6 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches

2500 mAh

(15 hours)



Beyerdynamic DT 880


30 ft

6.14 x 2.01 x 2.01 inches

4000 mAh(up to 24 hours)



Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Philips SHP9500


100 ft

3.87 x 3.87 x 1.37 inches


(20 hours)



Sennheiser HD 600


32 ft

4.37 x 4.37 x 4.02 inches

1200 mAh

(up to 10 hours)



Zares Bluetooth Speaker for Bike

Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro


30 ft

4.13 x 4 x 1.57 inches

1200 mAh
(up to 10 hours)



How to Find the Best Bicycle Bluetooth Speaker Sound - Buyers Guide

Now that we've seen what is the Bluetooth speaker I consider the best, let's see what criteria I used to rank all of the contenders you will find below.

As I mentioned earlier, Bluetooth bike speakers are an emerging market. There are dozens of different products that try to corner their audience with a bunch of interesting features and different specs.

Bottom line, what works for me may not necessarily work for you. It's always good to see what options are available and what makes a good Bluetooth speaker.

So, without further ado, here are a couple of features that will help you find your very own best Bluetooth bike device on the market.

Sound quality

This is, by far, the most important thing you should keep in mind whence you are buying a speaker.

No matter whether you are driving your bike on a mountain track or in some less serene environment, you are outside and don't have the benefit of walls to resonate the sound. You need the device with the best sound quality if you want your tunes to be audible.

Here are a couple of things you should check before spending money:

  • Frequency response range - This spec is measured in Hertz and describes the frequency spectrum the speakers are able to reproduce accurately. Obviously, the wider this range is, the better. But, Bluetooth bike speakers that are able to blast the sound between 20Hz and 250Hz should do the job.
  • Loudness - The loudness of any sound in existence is measured in decibels (dB). The things are pretty much the same in the world of speakers - the more decibels you get, the better.

Aside from these important numbers, a portable Bluetooth speaker should also be able to blast a clear, crisp, and precise sound with deep bass. But you can't know these things for sure until you turn on the speakers.

Also, do your best to find the unit that is able to reproduce 360-degree surround sound since this is the best option for the naturalistic environment.

Connectivity options

Due to their very nature, bike speakers are supposed to be based on Bluetooth technology. But, the best Bluetooth bike speakers on the market are not one-trick ponies.

So yeah, the device should, by all means, be Bluetooth enabled. Aside from this basic requirement, the best bike speakers should also support auxiliary cable and USB connectivity. Also, you should be able to use the SD card slot or insert USB into the bike speaker and blast the music directly from the device.

Another thing to keep in mind is the Bluetooth range. Some of the bike speakers on the market are able to maintain a connection with the phone at 100 feet of distance. I say you will be good even if you scale this number to 30 feet.

This way, the money you invest into the portable Bluetooth speaker won't pay off only when you feel like riding.

Battery life

This is the Achilles heel of all Bluetooth devices, and Bluetooth bike speakers are really no different. So, your goal is to have good autonomy and be able to stay on track for a couple of hours without having to recharge the bike speakers.

How much juice do you need for that?

Well, some of the units I have tested with the battery of 6000 mAh were able to pump out the battery life of the whole 20 hours, which is very good for outdoor bike rides. So, let's use this as some market standard.

Of course, you can always mount an additional power bank to your bike and solve the battery life problem forever, but then you have to take care of two devices.

Design and build quality

Even though I haven't put this at the top of my priorities, design and build quality are some of the most important things you should look for in a bicycle speaker. After all, you are going to take the Bluetooth speaker for long outdoor bike rides. The unit should be able to survive all the bumps and other misfortunes along the way.

So, try to see how does the Bluetooth bike speaker feels in hand, what materials it's made from, does it make some cracking and squealing noises, etc.

Also, you should make sure that all Bluetooth bike speakers you are going to use have a good IPX rating. This number describes the ability of some devices to deal with splashes and other exposure to water.

Any kind of decent waterproof Bluetooth speaker has an IPX rating of four and above.

Shockproof and stain proof features are also more than welcome.

And then, there is the matter of aesthetic. A great number of people out there don't want their speakers only for audio enjoyment - they want their devices to complement the look of the bike as well. Fortunately, the market is stacked with good-looking and trendy Bluetooth speakers that do a great job at elevating the look of your ride.

Mounting options

Some bike speakers are designed to be used in a water bottle holder. Others come with their own mounting mechanisms. There are a few which even integrate with electric biking. What you should do is try to get the Bluetooth speaker that allows for multiple mounting options and be able to use the device regardless of the bike design.

A good Bluetooth speaker will come with a bike mount, straps, case, and other mounting options.

Additional features

All of them can be best described as the things that are not essential for the performance but make your riding experience far easier and more enjoyable. The ones that come at the top of my mind are a built-in FM radio that is always nice to have and hands free features that allow you to switch the tunes without taking a break.

Best Wireless Surround Sound on the Market - Individual reviews (350)

Celtic Blu
Our Rating: 95/100

Celtic Blu Bluetooth speaker definitely sits at the upper part of the bike speaker price ladder. But, in this case, the price is more than warranted. This multipurpose unit is stacked with exciting options and features incredibly strong build quality.


In terms of design, the Celtic Blu bike speaker brings very few new things to the table. But why would you fix the things that ain't broken. The device looks mean, robust and functional, while streamlined lines packed with classy color complement the look of any bike you can find in the stores.

What's even more important, the bike speaker is incredibly robust, stain proof, and can take a lot of beating before finally falling into submersion. Of course, you also have IPX4 certification, so you get a reliable waterproof Bluetooth speaker for all weather occasions.

In terms of mounting options, the device features standardized 1.3 pounds bottle-sized dimensions, so you will be able to slide it into any standard-size cup holder. Since this is not exclusively a bike speaker, you also get attachments for backpacks and so on.

The Performance

Although it doesn't support voice controls, Celtic Blu does offer remote controls you mount on the handlebar so you will be able to switch the tunes without breaking. The bike speaker also packs a built-in power bank and allows you to charge other devices while you are riding, which is simply great.

So, you do get a lot of bang for the buck.

In terms of sound quality, Celtic Blu performs great, but the default settings are pretty poor. After some tweaking in the equalizer app, however, I managed to get the output I wanted. The bass is deep, but it won't blow your mind. Still, more than enough for good outdoor performance.

This situation is largely helped by the fact that the unit features 360 degree surround audio output, a durable battery that enables up to 30 hours of playtime, and seamless connection on distances up to 100 feet.

Overall, as good as it gets in the bike speaker market.


  • Durable and functional design
  • IPX4 certification
  • Built-in power bank
  • Remote controls
  • TF card support
  • Long battery life
  • Standard bottle holder size


  • Audio needs some tweaking out of the box

2. Clearon Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker - Affordable Second Runner

clearon wireless waterproof
Our Rating: 88/100

Clearon Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker can be best described as the scaled-down version of Celtic Blu 5.0. Not only in terms of design or size but also in terms of specs. Everything you have in Celtic Blu 5.0 is here is well, only adjusted to the pocket of an average buyer.

The Design

So, this small bike speaker is, once again, shaped like a bottle and is meant to fit a regular-sized water bottle holder. Of course, you also get a couple of hooks and straps that will allow you or mount the bicycle speaker on your backpack, outdoor chair, and so on.

The build quality is good (although not exceptional), and you will be able to tackle most of the challenges you will face on your outdoor rides. And yes, this is an IPX4-certified waterproof Bluetooth speaker, which means you will be able to play music even in spite of light rain.

The overall visual impression is pretty good. The speaker is painted black and built in modern subdued lines. In this case, a small size works to the advantage since it increases the speaker's portability.

The Performance

Now, let us move to the topic that is admittedly more important - performance.

Here, the things are pretty solid. Everything works fine but can be improved by a notch. For instance, the sound is loud and clear, but both tweeters are placed on the same side - the one that is not pointed in your direction.

Also, the aux cable is plugged into the USB port, so you can't charge and listen to OCH simultaneously. The bike speaker supports 4.0 connectivity, but that's not as good as 5.0.

But, don't let me sound overly negative - these are only the small quirks, and keeping in mind the modest price of this package, I am more than willing to deal with them.

This is a neat little device that is loud, sounds great, packs a solid battery life (up to 15 hours of playtime), creates 8W powered (4x2) 360 degree surround sound, a bunch of connectivity options, and you get neat remote controls on the handlebar.

No big complaints here.


  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Loud and clear sound
  • Portable design
  • Good connectivity options
  • SD card slot
  • 360 degree output


  • Small design quirks here and here

3. Beyerdynamic DT 880 - Best Semi Open-Back Headphones For Classical Music

Our Rating: 87/100

Zealot is a name well-known in the circles of avid bike lovers. The fact that one of their most popular products going under the name Zealot S1, made only to the third place of this roundup, doesn't speak against the reputation of this company - it just indicates the competition in the bike speakers sector has become very fierce.

Standing on its own, this is still one excellent portable Bluetooth speaker.


Zealot S1 is yet another tube-shaped Bluetooth bike speaker, so you might assume you should slide it in into a water bottle holder. But, this is not the case.

Instead, the portable Bluetooth speaker comes with a bike mount that allows you to place it right on the bike handlebar. This way, when you listen to music, the speakers are much closer to your ears, and you lose less sound in the process.

The Bluetooth speaker utilizes this position in another very interesting way. Namely, the unit features a very bright LED light which means it doubles down both as a bike speaker as well as an awesome way to illuminate dark roads.

And that's not all.

Zealot S1 also packs a built-in 4000 mAh battery, so if you are, for instance, using your phone for navigation, you will be able to easily charge it without tripping yourself with cables. You also have all the important connectivity options.

Otherwise, the unit looks unobtrusive and functional, and it's very well built. I am slightly disappointed by the lack of IPX certification, but this neat bicycle speaker is so stacked with goodies I will look past the issue.

The Performance

In terms of performance, Zealot S1 leaves very few things to be desired. Taking into consideration its size and power, the sound quality is excellent and accurately hits all the notes from deep bass to highest highs.

Then battery life is also rock solid. If you are listening to music from the TF card, you will get up to 24 hours of playback time which is simply great. Of course, moving to a Bluetooth connection will bring these numbers down for a bit.

The thing that somewhat brings the impression down is the very Bluetooth connection. Sure, you get around 30 feet of Bluetooth range, but I have noticed some occasional sound drops even when standing next to the bike speaker.

Still, I would recommend this one to all people who love the versatility.


  • Built-in FM radio, flashlight, and power bank
  • Very affordable price
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Easy bike mount
  • Well made piece of tech
  • Long battery life


  • Glitchy connection
  • Some entry-level specs

4. Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth Speaker - Best Price to Value Ratio 

Tribit StormBox
Our Rating: 86/100

Tribit StormBox Micro is a Bluetooth bicycle speaker that sets itself very modest goals. But on the other hand, these modest expectations are met with ease and grace, so I really can't complain too much.

If you want a simple unit to keep your rides fun and engaging, this is probably the best one you can find.

The Design

As I already mentioned in the introduction, Tribit StormBox is as simple as Bluetooth bicycle speakers go. If you put aside the bike mount, you wouldn't notice any difference between this device and any other Bluetooth speaker on the market.

But, this doesn't have to be a drawback.

The design is simple, functional and keeps the Bluetooth speaker well within reach of an average buyer. The design language is subdued, and the unit won't stick out no matter what kind of bicycle you mount it on.

Still, what it lacks in features and gimmicks, this bike speaker compensates with the things that truly matter.

For instance, the device packs IP67 certification, which means you are getting some of the best dust and water protection available on the market. The rubberized plastic surface also looks quite capable of absorbing shocks and bumps.

So, we have a real little workhorse on display here.

The Performance

Of course, all these things would mean very little if your ability to play music was compromised in any sensible way. Fortunately, that is not the case here.

The sound is not exactly crystal clear, but that is not something you should even expect from such tiny audio drivers. Still, the reproduction isn't bad either, and you will be able to hear most of the notes blasting from your cell phone.

Bass, on the other hand, is surprisingly meaty and throws quite a heavy punch when turned to eleven.

As for the other specs, the bike speaker supports 100 feet of Bluetooth range which is excellent, and a battery life of 20 hours allows great outdoors autonomy. You will rarely come into position to ride the bicycle for more than 8 hours without stopping to recharge.

So, you don't get an FM radio, hands-free, the ability to charge other devices, and other exciting features. But, you do get one punchy and quality Bluetooth experience.


  • Waterproof and shockproof device
  • Rich bass
  • Portable dimensions with an easy bike mount
  • Solid sound quality
  • TWS stereo sound
  • Excellent Bluetooth range


  • Very basic as far as best bike speakers go
  • Battery life could be better

5. Olafus Bluetooth Bike Speaker - Best Bicycle Wireless Speaker for Beginners

 Olafus Bluetooth Bike Speaker
Our Rating: 84/100

Olafus Bluetooth Bike Speaker sets out to do pretty much the same thing as Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth Speaker. That would be an affordable and portable Bluetooth experience that cuts down the exciting features but focuses on sheer performance.

This goal in itself is not that bad. The thing is that this time, the goals are met with varying success.

The Design

Olafus Bluetooth Bike Speaker is a simple round-shaped device mounted on the bicycle handlebar with a couple of top-quality silicone straps that do a great job of keeping the whole thing in place.

If you like it, you also have an option to hang it with a steel hook, but I would save this option to play music while I'm backpacking. Especially taking into consideration that the plastic this wireless speaker is made from feels a bit brittle.

On the other hand, IP65 certification makes listening to music waterproof so that you can use your portable speaker outside even in the case of light rain.

All the important connectivity options are there, and you can even use a 5.0 Bluetooth connection which is pretty novel in this range.

But that's pretty much it. You don't get an FM radio, hands free controls, built-in power bank, or the ability to listen to music from an external SD card.

The Performance

How are things when it comes to performance?

Well, I'm happy to say that in some areas, this wireless speaker improves upon its direct competitor. For instance, a 1200 mAh battery allows you to listen to music for 10 hours before having to hook the device on the charger.

The output coming from the audio drivers is very loud. No matter whether you are stuck in the traffic or speeding with your bicycle down some mountain track and getting tons of headwinds, you will be able to hear the music coming from the wireless bicycle speaker. Take rich bass as a cherry on top of the cake.

The things I'm not so pleased with fall in the yard of the sound quality. Now, don't get me wrong - the wireless speakers are capable of blasting quality music across a reasonably loud frequency range. But, once you pass a certain threshold, the quality will start dropping the louder you get.


  • A punchy little wireless speaker
  • Solid range and battery life
  • For the most part, speakers accurately reproduce music
  • Water-resistant package
  • Easy to mount on the bicycle


  • Audio quality drops at louder settings
  • The plastic feels a bit brittle

6. Zares Bluetooth Speaker for Bike - Best Wireless Bicycle Speaker for Younger Audience

Zares Waterproof Wireless Bicycle Speaker
Our Rating: 80/100

Zares Bluetooth Speaker for Bicycle is hardly a top-quality bicycle wireless speaker. But I would lie if I told you I didn't have a good time with this portable Bluetooth unit.

Putting it in the last place of this roundup probably serves it the best justice. It's way better than most competitors you can find on the market but still lagging behind the previous five bicycle speakers I have covered.

The Design

So, what we got here is a neat little wireless speaker that can be attached to a bicycle via mount you get in the package or hanged with the hook on the handlebar like a keychain. Of course, the first option is far more preferable. The build quality is solid. Rubberized plastic looks like it can take quite a beating before breaking, and IPX7 keeps the whole affair water resistant and dust proof. The manufacturer obviously made these wireless speakers for outgoing people.

So, although the unit felt a bit rough around the edges, I am pleased with how everything's put together.

Also, the wireless speaker comes with a very trendy and energetic design that will definitely attract a younger audience but may put off serious bicycle riders who like to keep things classy.

And that's all, folks. The wireless speaker comes with all necessary connectivity options but lacks even the basic features like FM radio.

The Performance

When it comes to the audio quality, Zares Bluetooth Speaker for Bicycle can be best described as average. The unit can hit the notes across the audio frequency range, but the music never feels especially rich. The bass is solid but lacks a bit of power which is understandable, taking into consideration the size of the wireless speaker.

These small deficiencies are excusable because if you are a true audiophile, you won't bring great music to the loud traffic.

A bigger problem here is the battery life. On paper, the 1200 mAh battery packs enough power to keep the wireless speaker alive for 10 hours. Well, at least until you lee the audio output under 60%. Once you pass this point, the number of hours and battery performance will start dropping like a rock, and who knows where they'll land.

So, keep your power bank close.

Fortunately, the Bluetooth range is quite decent and catches your standard 30 feet of distance.


  • Affordable price
  • Energetic design
  • Waterproof wireless speaker
  • Easy to mount on the bicycle
  • Solid audio performance
  • Solid Bluetooth range


  • Bass radiator could use more power
  • Battery power is underwhelming

Best Bicycle Bluetooth Speaker - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Bluetooth bike speaker on the market?

In my opinion, that would be Celtic Blu Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker. This portable speaker has it all - great design, excellent connectivity, an insane amount of battery power, loud audio output, a bunch of exciting features, TF card support, killer sound quality... Everything you need to bring your music outdoor without losing any of the quality.

Sure, the speaker asks you to invest a bit more money than the rest of the bunch, but in this case, the price is warranted.

What are the best Bluetooth bike speakers for casual users?

If you are looking for a speaker you can easily mount on the bicycle and enjoy the music you like outdoors, you will hardly find a better unit than Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth Speaker. Speakers like this are usually designed without some exciting features, but this one offers good battery power, loud and clear audio output, durable build, and low price.

What else do you need to blast your tunes outside?

What should I look for when buying the best bicycle speakers?

Just scroll above, and you will find an entire buying guide dedicated to this topic. But in short, your ideal outdoor bike speakers should have:

  • Loud and precise audio output
  • A strong battery (at least 10 hours of music)
  • Range of at least 30 feet
  • Durable build and preferable water resistance

Of course, these are only the basics, and you should also get a system that offers a bit of versatility.

By this, I mean numerous connectivity options, hands free controls, support for external SD cards, 360 degrees output, and, let's say, a built-in power bank to charge other devices.

What are the mount options for bike Bluetooth speakers?

In this regard, most bike Bluetooth speakers can be divided into three groups:

  • Key-chain speakers
  • Bottle-holder speakers
  • Front-mounted speakers

Out of them, key-chain speakers are the worst option. You can't truly enjoy your outdoor music while the speaker is hanging loose on the handlebar.

Front-facing speakers are theoretically the best since you are keeping the speaker firmly in place, close to your ears. But this neat position is usually reserved for smaller portable speakers with little battery power.

The speakers able to throw the biggest punch, offer the most features, stay alive for 24 hours and play the loudest music are usually bigger, so you need to keep them in the bottle holder.

Best Bike Bluetooth Speakers - In Conclusion

So, when all is said and done, I can say the bike Bluetooth speakers market was a very pleasant surprise for me. Sure, Celtic Blu Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker took the win. With its strong battery, awesome specs, and exciting features, the device is simply too good not to. But, the other entries like Zealot S1 Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers and Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth Speaker also had something to say and fought to the bitter end.

I'm sure all these portable units have a place in the speaker market. You only need to see which one of them meets your requirements the best.

After it's all said and done, we recommend:

Celtic Blu

Why is it the best?

  • Excellent build quality and design
  • Great wireless connection and range
  • A powerful battery (30 hours of uninterrupted music)
  • A plethora of connectivity options
  • Excellent audio quality
  • 360 degrees surround sound
  • TF card support
  • Built-in power bank
  • Built-in FM radio
our score

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra Review – A low-cost Bluetooth speaker

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra Review - A low-cost Bluetooth speaker

 Ever since its inception in 1988, Cambridge Soundworks has gone through a fair share of ups and downs but still manages to roll out some impressive audio equipment. The founders had one simple goal; to provide cheap but high-quality speakers and market their products directly to customers!

Their maiden release proved a hit with the public, and this led to an expansion of the product range. However, a spate of challenges along the way saw the Company get acquired by Creative Labs in 1977 and a new Oontz site was established for online visitors.

Although the product line was dramatically reduced; the manufacturer still produces speakers, and one of their latest offerings to the market is the Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Angle 3 Ultra.

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra
our score
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life
  • Extensive connection range
  • Ultra portable Bluetooth speaker
  • Handles 14 watts of power
  • Fast and stable connection
  • Extra Features: AUX input, IPX6 Water-resistant, Alexa compatible

Last Updated: December 1, 2021

Oontz Angle 3 Ultra Speaker Review: Specs and Features

  • Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 2.9 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight: 15oz
  • Drivers: 2x full-range woofers (7W each)
  • Enclosure Type: Ported (passive bass radiator)
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, rechargeable
  • Playtime: Up to 20hrs
  • Recharge Time: Up to 7hrs
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX
  • Bluetooth Range: Up to 100 feet
  • Extra Features: AUX input, IPX6 Water-resistant, Alexa compatible

Oontz Angle 3 Ultra Bluetooth Speaker Review

The name "Oontz" has become the major brand associate of Cambridge Soundworks. Its tradition has always been to produce great sound at a cost-effective price. This is what it sought to achieve with the release of the fourth generation Oontz Angle 3 Ultra.

The Bluetooth speaker does more than just that; it produces a sound good enough to rival more expensive models in the market without costing you an arm and a leg! So, what makes this speaker perform so well?

Let us figure that out as we take a closer look at the speaker in the following Oontz Angle 3 Ultra review.

Oontz Angle 3 Ultra Design and Construction

Overall, the Angle 3 Ultra may not be nominated for an innovative design award! If anything, it looks just like any other Bluetooth speaker in the market. However, whatever it lacks in style it makes up for in other ways; particularly in performance as you shall see.

That being said, the Oontz Angle Ultra 3 comes with a compact and lightweight build. It has a triangular design with sides measuring 6.5 x 2.9 x 2.8 inches. With a weight of only 15 ounces, the Angle 3 is pretty easy to carry around, ensuring that you can take wherever you want to go.

This makes it a good choice for people on the go! The angles and curves also mean that there aren’t any sharp corners, which allows the unit to play your music just as well when positioned horizontally as it does when placed vertically.

Generally, the contraction of this speaker is more than you can ask for from a speaker in the $30 range! The Oontz Angle 3 Ultra is made out of plastic but conveniently rubberized and reinforced. The rounded edges are covered with rubber to enhance their durability and feels nice in your hands.

However, the manufacturer doesn’t suggest that the unit is shockproof, so don’t go around dropping the Ultra 3 thinking that it can cope with the impact. This speaker is also water-resistant, but some confusion arises when it comes to the weather rating.

Looking at the specs, you’ll realize that the Oontz Angle 3 Ultra is quoted as being IPX5, IPX6, and IPX7. The mix-up comes about because the speaker is available in two versions; white and black.

The white version features an IPX6 waterproof rating, which makes it water-resistant but not necessarily waterproof. This is to say that it can handle water spray or a light shower but nothing beyond that

Meanwhile, the black version (which is the focus of our review) is rated as IPX7. This means you can submerge it to a depth of up to 3 meters for 30 minutes and it will come out unscathed. Furthermore, it is sand and dustproof, giving you the perfect opportunity to make your weekend getaways at the beach fun and lively.

Another differentiation between the white and black versions is that the white has a lower 4.2 Bluetooth rating compared to the 5.0 on the black version.

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra

You’ll be impressed by the battery performance on the Oontz Angle 3 Ultra. Although the manufacturer doesn’t provide info on the battery capacity, you’ll be able to squeeze up to 20 hours out of the Ultra at 50-60% volume.

At max volume, the hours reduce to 10 or less. This makes the speaker a great choice when you want a mini party with a few friends that will last into the night.

On the downside, the battery takes quite a bit of time to recharge. You will need around 8 hours to get it back to full capacity and the battery is charged using a micro USB charging cable. 

Inside the speaker cabinet, you will find two neodymium drivers, as well as a downward-facing passive bass radiator. These manage to give out an unexpected loud sound that remains distortion-free even at max volume.

The triangular make of the 3 Ultra allows for an even spread of sound while resulting in good stereo separation between the drivers and bass radiator.

Furthermore, a built-in mic on the unit ensures that you can receive your calls hands-free when the speaker is connected to your phone.

From the above review, it is clear that the build quality is pretty solid and will easily pass for outdoor use. The IPX7 rating enables you to take the device into the shower and swim with it at the beach without hassle.

There is also a possibility that the 3 Ultra will remain intact when you drop it, but you shouldn’t do this as an experiment!


The control features on the Oontz Angle Ultra 3 are extremely straight forward and easy to use. The design was aimed to get your phone connected and do most of the controlling from there. As such, there is no remote control included; your device takes its place.

On one side of the speaker, there is a power button to turn the speaker on and off, alongside a Bluetooth pairing button. These are rubber protected, which gives a smooth and nice feeling when you touch them.

Just above the Bluetooth button, you’ll notice a light that turns blue when Bluetooth is enabled. Furthermore, a small red light will start to flicker, informing you that the battery is running low.

This means the main controls are left to your phone, which needs to be paired to the device via Bluetooth to enable operations. Another useful battery-saving feature is that the speaker will automatically go off if the controls have been left untouched for a while!


As earlier noted, the Oontz Angle 3 Ultra is Bluetooth 5.0 enabled. This gives you a lightning-fast connection and the signal remains stable within the recommended range. The 3 Ultra offers a Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet, as long as there are no obstacles in the area.

However, you can get even more range depending on the phone you are using. The range significantly reduces indoors because of walls and similar obstacles, but you can manage a range of at least 30 feet through the walls.


The speaker is also compatible with a range of devices thanks to the advanced antenna design included. This makes for limited compatibility issues, enabling you to connect to everything from a Samsung Galaxy S9, an iPhone 8, a MacBook Pro, an Apple tablet, a Hp laptop, a TV, and Siri to Alexa.

In case you want to connect to a device that’s not Bluetooth enabled, there is a 3.5mm socket made available to you.

Unfortunately, the Angle 3 Ultra does not support NFC pairing. Nevertheless, there is an interesting feature known as "daisy-chaining", which allows you to pair two Oontz Angle 3 Ultra speakers together. Once paired, you can choose either stereo mode (one speaker serves as the right channel while the other one is the left channel) or dual stereo mode (both units playing the same audio).

Extra Features

There are very few extras on the Oontz Angle 3 Ultra, which is expected considering the affordable price of the speaker. Included in the package are a 35mm audio cable and a micro USB charging cable that you can charge the battery with from your computer.

Don’t expect to find any carrying case, but you can buy one separately if you feel it’s necessary.

Oontz Angle 3 Ultra Sound Quality

Honestly, I was amazed by the hi quality sound offered by the Angle 3 Ultra; it certainly hits above its weight class. You won’t believe how much sound the tiny unit can produce. Overall, the sound is loud enough for outdoor use.

What I like about the speaker is that it functions without sound distortion, even when you turn up the volume. This is due to the integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP), which serves as a volume limiter. The digital audio processor also eliminates frequencies to avoid distortion.

I must say the speaker handles both the high and bass sounds very well. The bass sounds coming from the speaker is better than what you get from other small speakers in the market, which tend to struggle. The 3 Ultra produces a thundering bass, that still manages to remain warm and clear.

The good sound dispersion offered by the speaker also ensures that the mids and highs sound good too. These are produced clearly and accurately to deliver excellent stereo sound. The two precision stereo drivers help to enhance clarity.

The feature proves useful when it comes to improving the clarity and sharpness of sounds at the top end. But as you’d expect from many speakers in its budget price range, the Oontz Angle 3 Ultra reproduces some frequencies better than the others.

This tends to make the unit perform unevenly across music genres. In this case, the low-frequency sounds got the short end of the stick. As such, the 3 Ultra sounds better at the top end and progressively suffers as you get to the lower sounds.

Luckily, the extended bass provides you with just enough oomph to make for a well-rounded sound experience. While it may not be able to handle music tracks with a prominent bass sound to your satisfaction, the Bluetooth speaker still impresses at this price level.

If you want more than what the Angle 3 Ultra is offering, the manufacturer suggests that you link up two Oontz Angle 3 Ultra speakers together. This way, you can have one speaker playing the right channel as the other one plays the left channel.

The result is a much better stereo effect with nice sound separation. Overall, the sound quality is more than decent with one speaker but you can take it to the next level when you link two Bluetooth speakers and place them a few feet apart.

Oontz Angle 3 Ultra Performance

I was quite happy with the performance I got from the Oontz Angle 3. The controls are very simple to use and it doesn’t take long to learn your way around them. Pairing the speaker with your device also takes a matter of seconds.

Once you turn on the speaker, it automatically goes to Bluetooth mode (which you can confirm from the Bluetooth indicator flashing blue) and all you have to do is search for the speaker on your phone, tablet, or laptop then pair the two devices.

Typically, the speaker will always try to pair with the last connected device. However, there is an exception when it comes to Amazon Echo or Echo Dot devices. This is because you have to order Alexa to connect to your home speaker for it to be paired.

If the pairing to your device is successful, the Bluetooth indicator turns solid blue. Meanwhile, the button will turn solid green when you connect the AUX 3 5mm audio cable, and the Bluetooth connection disabled. In short, the AUX function and Bluetooth connection can’t be on at the same time; one has to be off for the other to function.

Things get a little more complicated when it comes to pairing two Oontz Angle 3 Ultra speakers together, although you can avoid this by going through the simple instructions provided. The included manual provides a step-by-step guide to save you the trouble.

First, you have to turn on the two speakers then pair your phone/tablet/laptop with one of the speakers (this speaker becomes the main speaker). With the other speaker still in pairing mode (blue light flashing), long-press the play button on your main speaker for around 5 seconds until you see the dual stereo speaker indicator flashing white (this is the LED light just above the play button).

The main speaker will then say “dual pairing” and after a few seconds, you should hear “left channel” from the second speaker. At this point, the wireless dual stereo sound indicator should be solid white to tell you that the two Bluetooth speakers are successfully paired.

SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 ULTRA

You can now play your music in stereo mode and enjoy a better stereo separation. Usually, the main speaker will act as the left channel as the other one becomes the second channel. But if you want the same sound output from both speakers, you’ll have to set them in dual stereo mode.

To do this, make sure that both speakers are in stereo mode and once they are paired together, long-press the “next track” button on the left channel speaker for around 5 seconds until the dual stereo indicator turns orange on both speakers.

I also like the inclusion of the speakerphone on the Angle 3 Ultra. This feature works well, ensuring that the person on the other end of the line gets you loud and clear when you are in a quiet or even moderately noisy environment.

However, if the environment is too noisy, the built-in mic tends to pick up much of the noise and your voice will be notably muffled!

Overall, the performance of the Oontz Angle 3 Ultra is better than I expected at this price range. The Angle 3 is easily better than more expensive brands you can find on sale.

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra: Weighing The Pros & Cons 


  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life
  • Clarity of the mids and highs
  • Extensive connection range
  • Loud sound for the size and good value for money
  • Durable and ergonomic design
  • Ultra portable Bluetooth speaker
  • Handles 14 watts of power
  • Built-in speakerphone
  • Fast and stable connection, easy to operate


  • Exaggerated boomy bass
  • Slight sound distortion at maximum volumes
  • Doesn’t support NFC pairing


Are OontZ Speakers Good?

Oontz speakers are good for several reasons. They are built to be lightweight and compact, making them the perfect unit to carry on the go. But what impresses the most is the affordable price considering the hi quality sound they offer. 

They are loud enough to be used outside and provide a high quality sound compared to more expensive models in the market. Not to mention extra features like water-resistance and a built-in mic that help to make the speakers more practical. 

What is the Best OontZ Speaker?

There are five different categories of the Oontz Bluetooth speaker. These include the Angle Solo, Angle 3, Angle 3 RainDance, Angle 3 Ultra, and Angle 3 Pro. Overall, the five Bluetooth speakers come with more or less the same design; the main difference being in the size.

They also offer the same categories of features but when you take a closer look at the specifications, the difference in sound quality becomes clear. The Angle 3 Ultra and Pro notably stand out from the crowd. This is because of the higher power handling capacity and longer battery life compared to their siblings. 

The Oontz Angle 3 Pro can handle 21W of power against the Ultra’s 14W but the Ultra turns the table with 20 hours of battery life compared to the Pro’s 15 hours. 

Considering that it will cost you almost twice the price of the Ultra to acquire the Pro, I’d say the Oontz Angle 3 Ultra offers the best value for the money of all Oontz speakers. 

How Loud is the OontZ Angle 3?

For a small speaker, the Oontz Angle 3 is louder than it looks! A glance at the specifications on the item reveals that the Angle 3 is 10 watts loud!

Is OontZ Angle 3 Ultra WaterProof?

Yes and No! There are two versions of the Angle 3 Ultra available- white and black. The white version features an IPX6 waterproof rating, which makes it water-resistant but not necessarily waterproof. This allows it to handle a splash of water or a light shower but nothing beyond that.

On the other hand, the black version is rated as IPX7, which means you can submerge it to a depth of 3 meters for up to 30 minutes and it will come out in one piece. Therefore, only the black Angle 3 Ultra is waterproof.

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra
our score
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life
  • Extensive connection range
  • Ultra portable Bluetooth speaker
  • Handles 14 watts of power
  • Fast and stable connection
  • Extra Features: AUX input, IPX6 Water-resistant, Alexa compatible


If you are looking to acquire a portable Bluetooth sound system on a budget, the Oontz Angle 3 Ultra portable speaker fits the profile almost perfectly! The unit is practical enough to be carried to the beach and be used outdoors, thanks to it being water and sand proof.

You can also take it with you on a hiking or camping trip, given its lightweight and compact design. Overall, it delivers a sound performance that you would not expect on a product below $40, ensuring that you get a great bang for the buck!

I would recommend it to any person looking for loud music in a compact and manageable package!

Barry Allen

About the author:

Barry Allen

I grew up to be a self-proclaimed stuck-up audiophile, and I – partially – blame Pinnacle Speakers for it.

The whole point of me starting this website was to keep the tradition going. Although the means have changed, the mission remains the same: Bringing „sterling sound“ as they once put it into home theaters and sound systems worldwide! 

Best party speakers – Portable Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Best party speakers - Portable Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Best Party Speakers - Outdoor, Portable and Wireless Options

You’ve probably heard that quote by Julia Child that says:

A party without cake is just a meeting.

Well, the same can be said for a party without banging music – it’s nothing more than a somewhat awkward gathering. And a boring one, might I add.

Music should be right at the top of your party-planning list because music – when the sound is good – is the life of every party.

And no, you can’t just use any speakers if you seriously want your party to bang.

You need to get yourself a set of the best party speakers for the occasion – and I’ll help you find them! 

In a hurry? The test winner after 36 hours of research:

Aiwa Exos-9 Party Speaker

Aiwa Exos-9 Speaker

Why it is better?

  • It’s easily the best wireless party speaker
  • There are five drivers total, covering a wide frequency range
  • It features a built-in amplifier with 200 watts of RMS power
  • Delivers a rich, room-filling, balanced sound with tons of extra bass
  • Has a five-band, onboard EQ for sound adjustments
  • Features a swappable battery pack
  • Compatible with any Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device
our score






hours researching


products compared

Best Party Speakers - Top 3 Comparison Table




Power Rating

Frequency Range

Bluetooth Connectivity

Our Rating

Current Price

Aiwa Exos-9

Aiwa Exos-9

7.5 x 11.7 x 19.4 inches

13 lbs 

200 watts 

40 Hz – 20 kHz



Acoustic Audio AA15LBS

PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 10-Inch

14 x 16 x 27 inches

36 lbs

500 watts

20 Hz – 20 kHz





25.6 x 17 x 13 inches

33 lbs

3 x 72 watts

40 Hz – 20 kHz



Party Speakers Buyer’s Guide: Tips and Considerations for Choosing Best Party Speakers

What’s so special about party speakers, you ask?

Party speakers have explicitly been engineered to keep your party alive, add boisterous, thumping bass and deliver room-filling volumes.

That sounds simple enough. However, the market's flooded with all these different options, which might leave you with quite a few unanswered questions, namely:

Do you need Bluetooth party speakers, or is wired connectivity okay? How loud is loud enough? Can they be used for outdoor pool parties, as well? How big should party speakers be?

Party Speakers

And today, I plan on answering all these questions – and more – with this party speakers buying guide.

Here’s a list of considerations for when you’re choosing the best party speakers for a complete party experience!

Start with Your Needs (And Your Budget)

If you think about it, the term „party speakers“ covers a wide range of products, and not all of these speakers will fit your particular needs – or budget.

So, the first thing I’d like you to do is to sit down and think about what you’re buying these speakers for – small house parties and backyard gatherings or nightclub-type parties?

Also, don’t go off and spend way more than you can realistically afford on speakers that might not even sound right.

I mean, sure, if budget constraints aren’t an issue, you can get away with buying a premium set of party speakers – the biggest, baddest speakers you can find – and call it a day.

Things are a bit more complicated when your budget is relatively low, though.

And if that’s the case, I suggest that you identify the purpose of your purchase and the features that you absolutely can’t go without, first. That can include portable design, LED lights, the ability to play music loudly, and Bluetooth connectivity, for example.

Only then can you start browsing the market, find the best party speakers for your needs - and be a happy customer, too.

Indoor vs. Outdoor: Environment Matters

I’m guessing you’ve been to quite a few parties in the past, and you know that they might not necessarily take place inside. An outdoor party can be just as fun – if not more – as an indoor one.

However, it also brings some unique challenges in terms of sound, acoustics, weather, and a few other things that could affect the speakers’ ability to play loud, hit hard, and keep your party going.

If there’s a chance that your party speakers will be blasting music out in the open, be smart about it, and get a portable speaker that is outdoor-friendly:

  • You’ll need powerful speakers with a higher RMS rating if you want to fill an open space with sound, and avoid thin-sounding music.
  • The speakers should be able to withstand interferences caused by the wind or other background noise – and that’s something a standard speaker isn’t capable of doing.
  • While you can’t count on party speakers to be fully waterproof, you can expect a relatively high level of water resistance, enough to withstand light rain, splashes from the pool, or an occasional spilled drink.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity can be another highly sought-out feature of outdoor party speakers. Bluetooth lets you find the right placement for your speakers more easily – including spots where wires might not be an option – makes them more portable, and minimizes the number of wires running throughout the yard, as well.

Sound Quality Should Be a Priority

The best party speakers often feature LED lights, Bluetooth connectivity, and a ton of other features that help create the perfect party experience.

Still, you shouldn’t let all these bells and whistles distract you from the most critical factor – and that’s the sound quality of your new party speakers.

The whole point of throwing parties is having fun with your friends – and as I already mentioned, having good music is an essential part of the experience. Unfortunately for you, that’s not something you could easily achieve with an average speaker that you already have sitting in your home.

You need power, earth-shattering volume levels, and bone-rattling bass. You need a sound that’s going to make everyone at the party wants to dance!

On that note, there are two vital criteria that the best party speaker should meet:

It should deliver rich and deep bass, and it should be loud enough to fill the space with sound, without compromising sound quality.

Here are a few essential considerations that will help you pick the best party speakers for your music:

  • Wattage – Power rating of any device, including a party speaker, tells you a lot about its performance levels. When it comes to speakers, the more wattage they have, the louder they can go.

It’s the best way to determine how loud – or how powerful – your party speakers of choice will be.

  • Frequency Response – I feel like I’m repeating myself a lot here, but the fact is, human ears can hear the sound within a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

These are average values, of course, but they still give you a good idea of the frequency response range you should expect from your party speakers. The lower the „frequency response floor,“ the deeper the bass, and the higher it goes, the crisper and more defined the highs.

  • Drivers – Lastly, be sure to check the size – and the number – of the drivers featured on the party speakers. A two-way speaker, with two drivers total, is the absolute minimum you should even consider getting.

Ideally, though, the best party speakers should feature tweeters, mid-range drivers, and integrated woofers to handle the low-end sound.

Matters of Portability and Bluetooth Connectivity  

Now’s also an excellent time to consider whether you need portable party speakers or not.

If you usually keep your party speakers in a set location, a factor such as portability might not be crucial. However, if you like to switch things up a bit – which probably involves moving your party speakers around – getting a portable speaker might be the way to go.

And by „portable,“ I mean speakers that are compact and preferably wireless, yet powerful enough to keep your music loud and your party rocking.

If you decide to go down the portable party speaker route, there are a few things you’ll have to keep in mind, including the benefits – and downsides – of a wireless speaker, and battery life.

Wired vs. Wireless

Good luck trying to convince an audiophile that a Bluetooth party speaker will somehow be able to match wired speakers sound and performance-wise.

When it comes to party speakers for music, though, a lot of it comes down to your preferences and needs:

Wired speakers are known for their dependable performance that isn’t prone to sound interferences and the convenience of not worrying about their battery life. If you’re using your speakers for indoor parties, wired is easily the best option.

In the world of party speakers, the wired speakers are the definition of „large and in charge.“

Wireless speakers, on the other hand, add the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you – and your guests – to pair with the speakers, access your digital music library, and stream your music wirelessly.

Plus, they’re a whole lot more portable and less invasive, too, because they’re a bit more compact, and get their power from an integrated battery, rather than a wired connection or outlet. 

Battery Life

Party speakers get their power in one of two ways – some run on AC and require an outlet, while others rely on a rechargeable battery. If outdoor parties are more of your thing, portable, battery-operated speakers are your best bet.

On that note, the good news is that most portable party speakers these days come equipped with powerful, high-capacity batteries.

Battery life shouldn’t be a concern if you have an outlet nearby, but moving your party outside is a slightly more challenging scenario.

Ideally, you should get at least 10 to 12 hours of uninterrupted music on a single battery charge. That way, you should be able to keep the music going throughout the entire duration of the party – or, at the very least, a good portion of it.

Top Party Speakers of 2021 Reviewed

Now, after we've gone through the tids and bits of fine party speakers and what a good speaker for parties should have, let's examine what market has to offer and directly compare the top models.

Let's dive in!

1. Aiwa Exos-9 - Best Wireless Party Speaker

Aiwa Exos-9 - Best Wireless Party Speaker
Our Rating: 93/100

Are you on the market for an insanely loud, wireless speaker that delivers exceptional sound quality, allows you to tweak it to your heart’s content, and performs equally well indoors and outdoors?

Well, it seems that Aiwa Exos-9 is one of the best party speakers for you!

It’s the closest modern-day thing we have to a boom-box – big sound in a big, but portable package.

And even if you don’t love this throwback vibe that’s going on here, there’s one thing you could never complain about – and that’s the sound that this party speaker delivers!

The Design

The Aiwa Exos-9 is a real beast of a portable Bluetooth speaker – and one that’s hard not to notice. It’s large, measuring 7.5 x 11.7 x 19.4 inches, and black all over – except for the aluminum volume knob.

Plus, it has a design that’s bound to bring back memories of boom boxes, although with a few modern touches. There’s nothing sleek or elegant about it, but it’s a concept I’ve learned to love after I got to know it a bit better.

The surprising part was that it weighs a mere 13 pounds – that’s way less than I would’ve guessed based on the appearance and dimensions of this Bluetooth party speaker.

The top, rear, and side panels are all constructed out of plastic, with two large rubber feet to keep it stable, and a removable aluminum grille to protect the drivers located on the front panel.

The control touch panel is positioned on the top of the party speaker, while the LCD read-out screen sits in the front. Such positioning isn’t ideal, but considering that they included a full-blown, five-band, onboard EQ, I can’t justify complaining about it.

The Performance

There are only a few portable party speakers that can brag about featuring five speaker drivers total, with a built-in amplifier that delivers 200 watts of RMS power – and the Aiwa Exos-9 is one such speaker.

It features dedicated 3-inch mid-range and one-inch tweeter drivers – two of each – along with a 6.5-inch woofer, ensuring a wide frequency range of 40 Hz to 20 kHz.

And the resulting sound is not only massive and room-filling but clear and balanced, as well!

The mid-range is rich and full, while the highs sound crisp and clear, avoiding the annoying, piercing thinness or shrillness. And no matter the volume level, there’s virtually no distortions or loss of sound quality.

The bass is the real star here – rich and warm, it can be ramped up for a bit of extra punchiness – even when it’s sitting outside in your backyard or by the pool.

The speaker is powered by a removable battery pack with up to nine hours of playback time. The battery life isn’t exactly impressive, but the fact that you can switch batteries easily – or keep your party speaker plugged in – is.


  • Supports Android NFC and Bluetooth connectivity
  • The battery pack is removable and swappable
  • Features five-band onboard EQ controls


  • The battery life could be better

2. Acoustic Audio AA15LBS - Budget Pick Speaker

Acoustic Audio AA15LBS Speaker
Our Rating: 90/100

If you throw regular outdoor parties for many people, and you don’t want to spend a small fortune for an outdoor speaker, I present to you Acoustic Audio AA15LBS. It is a subsidiary low-cost brand under Goldwood, a household name in the States, so we can all expect good value.

And I can tell you this - they delivered. This monster of a speaker will rock your world with its performance & value for the money it brings.

Let’s examine this bad boy in detail right now!

The Design

The Acoustic Audio AA15LBS is a tremendous portable Bluetooth speaker designed from black coated plastic. When I say portable (keep in mind that it is a corded speaker), I mean it comes with two handles for carrying. But the reason why I question its portability is the weight of this product. This monster weighs 36 pounds!

You can be sure everyone will notice this speaker not only by its dimensions - that, by the way, measures impressive 14 x 16 x 27 inches - but because of the strobe light that will increase the intensity of the lights with the volume of the sound. Also, this speaker comes with a wired microphone, remote control (only works if you direct it at the panel control, which is a disaster), and a tripod stand.

The control panel is located on the backside of the speaker. This is where you will find seven different inputs - a guitar and microphone input, 4 RCA inputs, and AUX input. Also, this control panel features an LCD screen, USB port, SD card reader, MP3 player, a graphic equalizer (so you can manage your bass response), and two power switches, one for the LED light and another for the speaker.

You will find it very easy to handle this speaker with various knobs that will help you control the microphone and guitar volume, MP3 line knob, the echo knob that will help you to distribute sound better, and a master knob.

The Performance

Now it is time to focus on sound distribution. This is a piece of massive audio equipment, so it is reasonable to expect excellent performance from it. Believe me; this speaker will exceed your expectations.

Acoustic Audio AA15LBS is packed with 1000 watts of system power and paired with 102dB speaker sensitivity at 4 Ohm. That already sounds encouraging. Also, this speaker features two-way design, meaning that behind the grille, you will find a 15-inch woofer and a 2-inch tweeter that will provide a bass line with an intense driving beat for sure. 

The frequency response is in a range from 20Hz to 20kHz, and I have one thing to add - the sound is great but it does require some tuning up, especially if you plan to crank up the volume. (Friendly advice - lower both bass & treble if you plan on going to the max) The broad spectrum of the sound and the bass will blow your mind for sure, considering the price you will pay for this product. 

I was skeptical about the quality of this model before I plugged it in and tried it out, but now I am amazed by how good it sounds. Overall, the lousy remote is the only thing that lowers my final grade. 


  • Excellent value for the price
  • Comes with a wired microphone, remote control, and a tripod stand
  • Features adjustments for bass and volume
  • Features USB port, MP3 player, SD card reader, LED light


  • Quite heavy
  • The remote control is flimsy

3. SOUNDBOKS 2 - Upgrade Pick Speaker

Our Rating: 92/100

If you don’t have many budget constraints to worry about, and you’re wondering what the high-end range has to offer, allow me to introduce you to the SOUNDBOKS 2.

It’s an awesome upgrade pick – if you have the money for it, that is.

This massive Bluetooth speaker was designed to fuel large gatherings and parties with music for hours on end. And after putting it to the test, I can say that it lived up to – and exceeded – every expectation I had based on its hefty price tag.

The Design 

What I love about the SOUNDBOKS 2 loud speaker is its simplicity:

It doesn’t have a quirky design or any extra features – and it doesn’t need them, either. Its rock-solid build is one of the first indicators that this party speaker is all about sound and efficiency.

With its 25.6 x 17 x 13-inch dimensions, this speaker is sure to dominate any venue you place it in, but it’s the rugged construction that’s truly impressive here:

The speaker has metal ball corners and piping around the edges, coupled with a metal grille, for maximum durability. With handles on each side, you can haul this 33-pound beast around without worrying about accidental damage.

Plus, it’s splash-proof and dust-resistant, too!

The connectivity options are pretty basic – you can stream your music using an aux cable or a Bluetooth connection. And instead of a typical bass boost, you have a power switch that also lets you choose between two modes – Indoor and Outdoor – to match the sound to the environment.

The only other thing you’ll find on the side panel is the volume control knob. Considering that this one goes up to 11, it’s no surprise that the SOUNDBOKS 2 is one of the loudest speakers out there!

The BIC America F12 is, for all intents and purposes, a black, rectangular box – but there’s something undeniably classic and minimalistic about its cube-shaped cabinet. The sturdy MDF enclosure prevents resonance and is finished in black laminate, with a removable mesh grille covering the front panel. 

The exciting part is hidden under the grille, of course – a 12-inch, injection-molded, long-throw subwoofer driver with a metallic cone center. If you're looking for the bass reflex port, it's hidden in the back panel, along with all the subwoofer controls.

The Performance

There are three 72-watt amplifiers under the hood, powering up the two 10-inch woofers and a one-inch soft dome tweeter to which this speaker owns its beefy sound.

This thing’s a monster – but in a good way.

Thanks to the Outdoor mode, the SOUNDBOKS 2 strives to be the best outdoor party speaker on the market. It does a marvelous job at adjusting the sound and adding extra bass so that the music matches the environment – and sounds as powerful outside as it does inside.

The Outdoor mode is all about increased power and better throw, and the Indoor mode delivers a more vibrant, fuller sound.

The low-end goes down to 40 Hz, while the highs reach 20 kHz. The most important thing, however, is that it’s insanely loud throughout the range, without ever compromising sound quality.

And when I say “loud,” I mean earth-shattering.

The 40-hour battery life is nothing short of amazing, either. The best part, however, is that the battery pack is swappable – you can pretty much keep your parties going for days on end!


  • Loud speaker for outdoor parties, festivals, and indoor use
  • Rugged, weather-resistant, splash-proof, and dust-resistant housing
  • 40-hour playback time per charge
  • The batteries are swappable
  • Insanely loud, bass-heavy sound


  • Very expensive

4. JBL PartyBox 300

JBL PartyBox 300 Speaker
Our Rating: 86/100

The JBL PartyBox 300 truly is a complete party package that not only delivers earth-shattering sound but doubles as a guitar amp and a karaoke speaker, too.

How’s that for versatility?

Be sure to check out the rest of my review and see why this one might make your parties the hottest thing in town!

The Design 

The JBL PartyBox 300 sort of looks like a giant loaf of bread – laugh all you want, but that’s the vibe I got – and measures 12.2 x 12.5 x 27.1 inches. Still, it’s considered a portable speaker:

It weighs a cumbersome – but tolerable – 35 pounds, and is fitted with handles that make moving it around a lot more manageable.

You’ll find rubber feet on both the side and the bottom panel, which means that you can position it both vertically and horizontally. That said, when it’s laid on its side, the controls – which are all located on the top panel – might be a bit trickier to access.

These include a power button, a Play/Pause button, volume buttons, a bass boost, and a Bluetooth pairing button. There’s also a button that controls the three different LED lights – Meter, Pulse, and Party modes.

The rear input panel houses several different wired connectivity options, including USB, RCA, 3.5-millimeter aux, and dedicated guitar and mic connections.

And yes, connecting two of these speakers is an option, too – but you might just get evicted for it.

The Performance

Beneath the grille, the speaker houses a total of three 2.25-inch tweeters and two 6.5-inch woofers. Together, they work to cover a frequency response range of 45 Hz to 20 kHz, which is rather impressive:

Even without the help bass boost feature, its bass-heavy sound signature is further complemented by super-crisp, vibrant highs and a rich mid-range presence.

With the bass boost on, the already powerful low-end goes to a ridiculous place, thundering away with ground-shaking force – without overstepping its boundaries and messing with the mid-range.

You’d better be ready for the sound it pumps out, too – it blasts music at insane volume levels, as indicated by its 240-watt output power. I’d keep the volume at around 40 percent or so for indoor parties, but feel free to go as loud as you want outside:

There won’t be any distortions to mess with sound quality if you do.

Oh, and one more thing:

The internal battery’s capable of delivering up to 18 hours of playback time, depending on volume levels and LED lights usage. It does need around five hours to recharge, though – but I’m willing to let it slide.


  • Rechargeable 10400 mAh battery
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity and USB playback options
  • Powerful, bass-heavy sound signature with insane volume levels
  • Can be used as a karaoke speaker
  • LED lights are a neat touch


  • It’s not water-resistant
  • The lights drain the battery more easily

5. PRORECK PARTY 15 - Best Value For Money - Speaker

Our Rating: 85/100

This next item on my list of the best party speakers could easily be the option that offers the best value for money.


Well, the PRORECK PARTY 15 is a powered speaker system set that includes not one, but two party speakers – along with a few other accessories, such as a mic, two speaker stands, and a remote controller!

Does that sound like something that could elevate your parties and make for an unforgettable experience for your guests? Then check out the rest of this party speaker review!

The Design 

When I first got my hands on these party speakers, I have to admit that I wasn’t too thrilled about their design – but it grew on me as I spent more time with them.

Granted, the PRORECK PARTY 15 experience isn’t complete until you set them up on the included speaker stands, which, by the way, felt surprisingly sturdy and durable. I’m also glad that they included non-slip feet on the stands:

What would happen if one of these mammoth speakers lost its balance and fell to the ground?

Since these come in a pair, you can probably guess that one of them is the powered one, and the other is passive. And don’t worry; the control panel gives the speakers away:

The active speaker is the one that features different connectivity options, an SD card reader, three separate volume controls, the five-band EQ, and a large LCD screen.

And there’s a switch for the LED lights on the back panel of both party speakers, too!

The Performance

Now, don’t get the excited by the numbers – the PRORECK PARTY 15 is rated at a staggering 2000 watts, but this is merely the speakers’ peak power.

The actual RMS rating drops down to 200 watts, which is more than enough to keep the crowd on its feet – although not nearly as impressive compared to the initials numbers.

Still, I have to admit that they blast music pretty loud and sound much better than expected for the price range.

These are two-way party speakers, but I’m sure that you’re most interested in hearing about their massive 15-inch woofers – because they’re in charge of delivering the bass to your music.

On that note, the frequency response range of these speakers goes from 50 Hz to 20 kHz.

While it doesn’t go as deep as I’d prefer, it’s still enough to get the party started – and add some bass to the music, too!


  • Wired connectivity options, SD card reader, and USB port
  • Bluetooth connectivity with any enabled device
  • Features LED lights on the front panel
  • Excellent value for money 
  • Speakers come with stands and a mic


  • Somewhat limited frequency range
  • LED lights could be brighter

6. ION Audio Block Rocker Plus Speaker

ION Audio Block Rocker Plus
Our Rating: 83/100

You’re probably not familiar with ION Audio, and that’s perfectly understandable – it’s a relatively new and lesser-known name in the audio equipment industry. Still, one of their party speakers – which, by the way, also work as a karaoke box – caught my attention.

If making obnoxious amounts of noise is a priority, the ION Audio Block Rocker Plus might be the perfect choice for you. Seriously, though, this speaker is a real party rocker:

It’s loud, durable, easy to use – and portable and outdoor-friendly, too!

The Design 

This bulky and intimidating black box – which, by the way, measures 9.8 x 17.3 x 14.6 inches and weighs a little over 20 pounds – is not much of a looker. I mean, sure, it’s a significant step-up from some of ION’s other models, but it’s still not enough to blow me away.

When it’s all set up, it looks more like a guitar amp than a party speaker. And when you’re hauling it around, the built-in wheels and the telescoping handle give it a suitcase-like appearance.

All the controls and connectivity options are featured together on the speaker’s front panel, which is super convenient.

You’ll find a master volume control knob – and a dedicated one for the included mic – bass boost button, Bluetooth pairing, and other essential button controls, along with a power switch and a USB charging port for your other devices.

Although this is primarily a portable Bluetooth speaker, it does come with a 3.5-millimeter aux input, to give you more connectivity options.

Oh, and I know that you probably won’t be using it as much, but it does come with an onboard AM/FM radio, too.

The Performance

The intensity of the sound is easily the ION Audio Block Rocker Plus’ most significant selling point. Even when I kept the music volume at a reasonable level, its 8-inch woofer and 3-inch tweeter pumped out impressive amounts of sound.

The driving force behind this two-way system is an amplifier with 100 watts of peak power. I know that this isn’t the most impressive power rating you’ve seen today, but I can assure you that this speaker is anything but underpowered.

Also, let’s not forget that it does come with a bass boost function, as well, in case you feel the need for an extra kick in the lower end.

It delivers plenty of sound and keeps it crystal clear and distortion-free at reasonable volume levels. If you push the volume beyond 75 percent, though, it might end up sounding fuzzy and distorted.

The battery should offer up to 35-hour playback time, which realistically speaking depends on volume levels.

What more could you possibly want for from a portable party speaker at this price point, anyway?


  • Features AM/FM radio functionality
  • Doubles as a power bank for any USB device
  • Bluetooth and 3.5-millimeter aux connectivity options
  • Pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled device easily
  • The set includes a mic


  • Some distortion at higher volume levels
  • No LED lights and plain design

7. Pyle PPHP155ST - Stay-Away Pick Speaker

Pyle PPHP155ST Speaker
Our Rating: 80/100

The Pyle PPHP155ST didn’t leave me particularly impressed.

Still, I feel pretty bad when I have to add a “stay-away pick” label to any item. That’s why I always tend to include a little "disclaimer” of sorts:

I’m not bashing the brand or the effort they’ve put into designing this speaker.

All I’m saying is that this particular party speaker doesn’t quite cut it considering the vast amount of options available on the market.

The Design 

The Pyle party speaker measures 13.8 x 17 x 27 inches, so it’s going to stand out and draw the attention of everyone at the party. But here’s the thing:

It’s not the most exciting item to look at – there’s not much to it other than the rather dull, black, ABS housing.

The weight of the speaker was a shock! I didn’t expect it to weigh a staggering 44 pounds! It comes with a set of handles, but I’m pretty sure that this isn’t a speaker that you’ll be carrying around much.

I do appreciate the fact that Pyle decided to include six different inputs on this speaker, though, giving you extra connection options other than Bluetooth connectivity. These include an SD card reader and USB port, an RCA stereo input, as well as XLR guitar and mic inputs.

You’ll find a few other things included on the rear control panel, too, mainly the LCD screen, the power switch, and several knobs for adjusting volume, bass, and treble.

Oh, and if you and your friends are into karaoke parties, I’m glad to report that it does come with a wired mic!

The Performance

Now, as for the sound delivery of Pyle’s party speakers, I have to admit that the specs and features sounded very promising.

I mean, 750 watts of RMS power coupled with 98-dB sensitivity, has to amount to a loud speaker, right?

Two drivers are sitting behind the grille of this Pyle party speaker – a 15-inch woofer and a one-inch tweeter, along with a Titanium-diaphragm compression driver. The two-way system delivers reliable full-range performance, with its frequency response going from 40 Hz to 18 kHz.

It all sounds very promising on paper. However, the overall sound quality – and especially the bass – left me wanting more. It’s not that the music doesn’t get loud – it most certainly does – but it’s hard to get the sound balance right:

While the mid-range and the highs are decent enough clarity-wise, the bass is rather underwhelming considering the sheer size of its subwoofer.

How they managed to add a 15-inch woofer to this party speaker, yet failed to deliver any thumping bass is beyond me.


  • Several playback options, including Bluetooth and FM radio
  • Onboard adjustments for bass, treble, and volume
  • Comes with a wired microphone and a tripod stand


  • Relatively heavy
  • Boring design with no lights
  • The bass is light for a speaker this size

Portable Bluetooth Party Speakers

8. BUGANI Bluetooth Speakers M83

BUGANI Bluetooth Speakers M83
Our Rating: 85/100

Bugani is far from a top-tier brand in the audio equipment industry, or the name you’ll hear pop up that often – if at all – when talking about high-end speakers.

Then again, we all know that it’s these less known brands that somehow manage to put out a solid item at a rather affordable price.

The model I have here – the Bugani M83 portable party speaker – only proves my point, and shows that this manufacturer isn’t joking around, and plans on giving the competition a run for their money.

The Design 

This Bugani Bluetooth speaker measures 12.7 x 6.7 x 4.3 inches and weighs a mere 4.75 pounds.

Compared to some other speakers you’ve seen today, this one’s light as a feather.

Still, the housing is not only shock-absorbing but boasts an IPX5 splash-proof rating, as well, and add another layer of protection to the speaker. This thing’s tough as nails; there’s no doubt about it.

You’ll find a total of six large, rubberized buttons on the side of the speaker, which makes the controls easily approachable – and durable, too.

As for connectivity – other than Bluetooth, that is – it comes with an aux input. Also, it has a micro USB port to use it as a power bank for another device, and a TF card port for storing your music onboard.

And while I have mad respect for how sturdy and rugged the housing is, I’m not a fan of this 80s beat-box vibe it has going on design-wise.

The Performance

There are two 3.5-inch woofers and two one-inch tweeters hidden behind the grille, offering a total of 40 watts of power. Although the relationship between wattage and volume isn’t necessarily linear, it’s still there.

Then again, I’m talking about a portable Bluetooth speaker here – and a cheap one at that. The mere fact that it can play music for up to 40 hours at a time thanks to the 8000 mAh battery should be impressive enough!

I’d recommend that you stick to 50-percent volume, though, to squeeze as much music time as possible out of a single charge.

It’s plenty loud – and the bass is more than satisfactory, as well. The speaker sounds much larger than it is, and is strong enough to rattle whatever surface you place it on, letting you know that it’s hard at work.

And while it does face some limitations regarding frequency range – which goes from 80 Hz to 18 kHz – the sound is still clear and crisp enough to make you want to dance.

And that’s more than enough for a great outdoor party!


  • Rugged, shock-absorbing construction with IPX5 waterproof rating
  • Large, rubberized button controls on the side panel
  • Acts as a power bank for another device
  • Has a TF card slot


  • The frequency response range is somewhat limited
  • The battery can drain quickly depending on usage

9. TAMPROAD A800 20W Portable Bluetooth Speaker

TAMPROAD A800 20W Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Our Rating: 77/100