As television technology progresses, the screens are getting bigger and better, while the space for audio is getting squeezed out more and more. The result is sub-par performance in audio, regardless of how well the manufacturers advertise it.

If you want to have a better sound experience from your television, a soundbar is a way to go. They're simple to install, look good and thin to complement your big screen, and sound much better than your stock TV speakers.

Improving the audio quality of your TV comes in three areas - dialogue quality, raw power, and dynamic balance of the sound. High-quality soundbars bring the depth and immersive experience in all three, but they can be quite expensive.

We've addressed the average consumer's price point and found some quite affordable stuff for you to pick from if you don't want to break the bank. Trust us - the choices from our guides pack quite the (all-around) punch!

Finally, the wireless streaming capability, connectivity variations, ease of use, and appearance should be the factor that will determine your choices.

We have selected the best from all worlds, and will guide you through the purchasing decision effortlessly - hop along and find the best soundbar for your 4K TV!


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